Kejcpii jester would like to join NRU - Application

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NRU Member
21 Oct 2021
Lublin, Poland

After a long reflection, I decided that I would try to apply (with almost 141 hours) to NRU Familia. Let me introduce you.

Name: Kacper

Age: 22

Location: Lublin, Poland🇵🇱


Origin – Kejcpii, L115Abuser

Steam – Kejcpii

My journey with FPS began with Counter Strike 1.6, but I didn’t feel it. There were a lot of toxicity from community and I wanted to teamwork with other players. Helping my teammates, capturing flags, winning together and many many more... I Decided to buy BF3 and it was my best decision so far. After a few years of playing BF3 I took a longer break from playing for personal reasons. Then in 2021 I bought BF4 in order to find a nice and fun server to play and have fun with other players. I saw NRU Gentleman's T-Bag Club and so I have been with you on the server for a long time and I have no intention of leaving it, because You guys are saving my days, I can relax with You even if whole NRU Squad is hunting me. I’m having so much fun because of You <3 For real NRU is not only a server, but also great people with whom I can spend long hours playing BF4. I love you guys, don't change!

That’s all from me, sorry if I typed too much, but I can't tell you in one sentence what positive emotions you arouse in me with your game, casual conversation and just everything related to NRU. ❤️ (Was I moved by writing this? Maybe.)

See you on the battlefield soldiers!



Day 45
NRU Member
17 Jan 2021
Rauma, Finland
Nice to see your application Kacper and good luck! :)

I love you guys, don't change!
Dont worry, we will keep hunting you! ;) :cool:

american loop GIF


Badmin deluxe
NRU Member
6 Nov 2020
Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
Hi man,

happy to see your application and dont worry, I could read it in under an hour. If you are planning on beating the record for long posts please mention it now, might affect my vote.
For the rest, indeed NRU is not just the game, we are a family that help eachother when needed, hunt eachother in game and hunt you while we not busy tbagging you ;). Good luck with the vote and see you soon again!

PS. of course you can effect your own vote, knifekills and c4 will cause negative votes and artistic Tbags will give positive ones, Easy isn't it ;)