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17 Mar 2012
Why the Scots look Porn-Movies backwards,they love the Moment when the prostitute gives the Money back :)
an italian and a greek were arguing about who did what.

the greek guy said, we have acropolis
the italian guy said, we have colosseum
the greek guy said we have alexander the great
the italian guy said we have Cesar
the greek guy said we have have fetta
the italian guy said we have mozzarella...
the greek guy said, we invented democracy
the italian guy said, we invented the senate
after a long discussion, the greek guy goes "we invented sex"
and the italian guy replies, "and we introduced it to women"

- - - Updated - - -

In Greece, how do you separate the men from the boys?

With a crowbar!

- - - Updated - - -

The Greek government are stopping the production of taramasalata and humous in order to avoid a double dip recession.

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Have you heard of the Greek version of Monopoly?

It's called Monopopolous, and you just borrow all the money from the bank. Everyone loses.

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What’s the best way to pull a Greek bird?

By the hair on her back.

Ladies..... how do you know if your new Greek boyfriend is a gentleman?

He'll wait until after your third date before trying to fuck your brother.

Greece's credit rating has been raised by one of the agencies. It is now eligible for a £500 payday loan from Wonga.

BBC News: "Are Greeks the hardest workers in Europe?"

If their full time job was rioting and not paying back any debt then I would probably say yes

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