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NRU Heed
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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
I've had jet lag before but this time it is really frustrating. Going east to west was fine as we got to our first hotel in the early evening which gave us enough time to freshen up, have a coffee and go to bed at a normal time despite about 18 hours of travel to get to Denver.

On the way back we were up at about 08:00 and to allow enough time to drop the hire car and go through security. The Denver to Newark flight was on time and was about 45 minutes faster than scheduled. We had about three hours at Newark before the flight back to Edinburgh. This flight was scheduled for about 7 hours but with a tailwind it was about 50 minutes shorter. The flight wasn't full so we only had two people in a row of three. Isobel had to move to the row behind because the woman in the aisle seat wouldn't move to sit with her friend who had all three seats to herself! Strange.

So whilst not as comfy as Business there was enough room and no fighting over armrests. I can never sleep on planes and often find my legs/knees get really irritable. So I usually just settle in with headphones and listen to an audiobook. If I doze off I feel lucky.

We got to Edinburgh at about 07:00 the next day, got our cases and headed home. We stopped at the supermarket for some food bits and were home at about 09:00.

We unpacked the cases, put stuff away, had dinner despite not feeling hungry and eventually went to be at about 19:00 after being up for about 28 hours.

First night slept OK but since then apart from an odd night I always wake up at about 02:30. I do get some sleep after that but it isn't particularly restful. I have tried:

1. No coffee after 12:00
2. No coffee (or tea or anything with caffeine)
3. Milky drink before bed
4. Alcohol to make me feel tired
5. No alchohol
6. No playing games or reading (on iPad before bed)
7. Various light tricks to make it feel like daylight etc.

Not tried the pills laka suggested - can't seem to get them here. Next option is to try Kalms if I can find them somewhere - a natural sleep assister.
Not tried the pills laka suggested - can't seem to get them here. Next option is to try Kalms if I can find them somewhere - a natural sleep assister.
i can only say, try that. normaly i am against this kind of pills but sometimes you have some life situation they are really needfull. if this ratiopharm pills are not available use this one. its the same active substance ( 25mg doxylaminsuccinat )
i only prefer the ratiopharm because they only costs half of the hoggar night. but both working the same.
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Amazon product ASIN B00E67AOYUthis stupid link is not working. search about hoggar night at amazon
If it doesn't get solved I would suggest you contact your GP; the sooner you can break that disturbed sleeping pattern the better.
Fortunately it is more annoying than anything. I don't feel tired during the day so it isn't making me into a day walking zombie! :) Last few years haven't been too bad taking only a few days to get back to normal. Wouldn't mind if I was worrying about something at least there would be a cause that can be dealt with.

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