Its probably been asked before

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New Member
31 Jan 2014
Its probably been asked before, by clicking on the BF2 server icon, does it go straight into running your BF2 program and then not only are you playing the game but connected into this excellent site i.e. is it a straight connection to the noobs R us server game being played.
AAAHH - but I dont get much time to find out, so thought I might just shortcut to an answer - (didnt realise how wrong i could be, lol)

The icon was that showing the current BF2 game being played with the BF2 infantry only and all the other versions of BF3.

Played a little today and it crashed out and signal lost, so off to do some more work, deep joy, need to spend more time going through the sites features chriskrass, yes i'm that old.

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