it´s time again

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NRU Member
15 Mar 2012
Molndal Sweden
Yes my friends it´s time this year to, I´m going on a fishing :p and beerdrinking :rolleyes: trip to Norway as usual. C U in a week or so, take care m8s :alien:
Have s great time teo.we want a few pictures of you holding a huge fish
Envy you m8, great landscape and freedom. And fishing without any fartknocker coming around every second and asking for your permission.....

enjoy your time off !
have a relexed time m8 and would be nice if you can post some pictures hhere from your trip and the great landscape. :)
have a good time from me to..and have a good catch

im fishing here to but they dont bite',fishes swimming almost above the waterline and forgot my hook all the time
hope u've more luck...
sounds like a dream holiday Teo' .... i KNOW you will have a great time :)
pleh norway looks pretty much like scotland just with more trees XD

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