Installing New Gpu

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15 Mar 2012
hi m8s,

tommorrow i'll get my new GTX 1060 6GB Phoenix OC GoldenSample.
i wonder if it runs without installing the gpu driver again. because now i run the gtx 560 ti which has the same driver (376.33). can i just change cards without uninstalling driver with ddu and without installing it again after change of the cards???
i might it will run but i am always like to have a "clean" install. i deinstall all the old driver, change the card, reinstall the newest driver. ready :) since nvidia also have the nividia experience tool its even more useflull you bring that to the newest version and its just a short and easy install.
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But i got that newest version already installed.
yes, but connected to your old grafikcard. as is said, it should run but, i for myself, don´t like this. because your new one is using new shader, other audio, just other parts of this driver as your old one. i like a fresh install and its done in 3-4 minutes and you don´t have to pay exttra lol
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i reinstalled old driver now with ddu. change cards and installed the driver. bf1 runs as smooth as butter on ultra now.
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Just wondering as I've seen decent reviews for 1050Ti running at 1080p which is what my screen is (though a bit wider). Not seen any 4K super wide monitors yeta no I bet they would be very ££££.

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