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wonder why our server is gone in my fav´s. this message posted by our hoster

On September 7th, 2015, we will be migrating all equipment in our London datacenter to a new datacenter. The process is expected to be completed in 24 hours or less. Server IPs and host names will remain the same.

This transition will improve a number of aspects of our service including:

* Increased reliability with multiple 10Gbps uplinks
* Additional peering partners to improve end to end latency
* Improved DDoS mitigation capabilities
* Upgraded power and cooling for greater reliability

We appreciate your patience during this transition.

Thank you, Staff
lol i dont think that the migration helps us a lot ;)

but well one day without server is ok ;)

i'll tell you whether my ping gets better
nope no change ;) but what should i expect britain stays britain ;) i aint get a 15ish ping there still around 30 which is totally fine

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