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All maps without vehicles exept those "gunless"
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All maps without vehicles exept those "gunless"
Some of my friends cant play on server because dont have dlcs. They slept dlcs for free, obvious. So when we play together only another serv with vanilla maps.
Ok. Two main maps

c4 and other exposives shits only weapons
naa, just no vehicles. all other is fine. :) @tomasz ARGGS...i have such a idiot also in my friendlist. told him twice to download the DLC as it was for free and he missed it.
Yes and now he or they cant play on several maps on nru server
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Another thing. Why no exposives on those two maps? Because when all weaps allowed there will be tardround and everybody will run with rpg m320 smoke etc.
so thats my point and you dont want to agree with me....youre the boss <3
i agree with you in that case but what i see is, that you have to admin this rules and than you can´t play because you always have to warn the player to not use this weapons. but i can see if i can write a serverscript that some weapons are banned and not useable. will see what i can find about that. :D
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