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NRU Member
23 Jun 2016
Germany, Munich
Evening Cocks ^^

just read the topic porn and clicked wrong^^

So I am here and rembered many years on your servers.
Many laughts with members and yes we have a long history in the betafield story.
I think it was direct after my sinclair spectrum zx, nah first it was quake, unreal, CS eg.
before I started with BF2.

Kinda infected or addicted will be the best description.
Not a pro but still doing da best laugh on a beer.
Can´t count how often i was knifed while typing or can´t see anything while my cat passed my monitor...

My old clan split in other games and yes I use the bad wording real life...
Ok still I am myselve a "silver back" with family eg. but i know older guys in your clan ;-]
So now it´s time for me again to have a laugh with a beer and a gun in the other hand.

Imagine my real name is also Tom.
I cant swim... nah joking, but to be honest, I only made this brevet to go posing in the caribbean ^^
You can have thousend dives, but if you have no ice ... ^^

I have to many hours ingame, which by the way means not I am a over skilled dude.
But if you read my skill, you can be sure i never ever cheated ^^

So ask me, if I forget something, if you can´t remember me... well also you are gettin older^^

Would like to restard with all you old pals in BF1, see you soon on your servers...

so long
[1234 atm] ^^
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Well Tom you are remembered, welcome back in line, Time flies and we all get older but more handsome for each day! lol
poor me, same fun we had in the past with new players...gettin to old for that ;-]

damn, have to drop my brand new mouse pad then:


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.... damn, thats it? I am in now?

äh duties, payment, ...?

just wanted to use that cool logo, but ok...

sorry, test bad language filter now ^^

!check what hippy wrote ^^


Thx @ all
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