Ice hockey world championship 2013

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15 Mar 2012
So.. it starts again.

Fin having their first match against germany tonight.

Team finland is lacking nhl players, lot of them still in playoffs and rest either injured or not bothered with the WC.
But then again the team that took gold 2011 was also a fresh team, hungry and lucky to get the win.

What's your thoughts on the tournament, teams and happenings?

This is the second shared tourn with fin and swe. Personally i think it goes too far with the moneymilking but the games are more important. I will however stop watching if i can't see the finnish matches for free in the future.

I hope there will be no bad injuries, referees are not biased and that the finnish cocks take gold of course. lol. :D

I think Russia and Canada are very strong this year. Russia did very well last year.
speaking of hockey playoffs.... the Boston Bruins are in the playoffs this year and they are playing The Maple leafs
I'll watch some games for sure, especially when Sweden annihilates Finland he-he. Jokes aside, I haven't got a clue on the outcome of the tournament - I assume any of the top nations can win...
we always hope fin and swe will be in the finals. that will always be a great game. :D
I have to agree with you on that one geno, Swe vs Fin = heaven and hell! I'm just about to watch Fin vs Ger and then Swe vs Schweiz. Hoping for great games with alots of great goals and fair play. Just hate when the players destroy the game with unfair play. Well....for the victory I'm guessing (Swe, Fin, Can, Russia), so hard to say tbh.

I'll be back on this thread after tonight. GL Finland tonight :D And germany ofc :d
ffs.. lol.

fin 4 - ger 3 on overtime!

good fight germany. you're getting more skilled every year and will give the others a good game too and hopefully surprise some countries.

the 3-3 goal by Kontiola was AMAZING. hit the puck twice in midair to get it into the goal!

great game. next slovakia tomorrow same time. :p
WHAAT ??? damn.. but the swiss are better than the german in hockey. slightly at least. they've become more and more dangerous and with the psychological advantage maybe sweden weren't prepared enough? idk.
lmao.. Don't worry SWEDEN.. Swiss just beat CANADA in penalty shots after overtime 3-2 so at least you are better than canada atm. :tbag:
The swiss have played really well this tournament. I was surprised the first game towards seden but the swiss were a better team and they took advantage of their opportunities. Until yesterday sweden have had 16 PPs and only one goal. Says it all. But Fin is playing well what I've seen. Gratz on that.....

I might have to change my opinion about whos in the finals. Would be great for hockey if Swiss one this year. Not the regular ones I predicted on before hand.
Finns so far: First game against germany not so good. The goalie ortio isn't that good a goalie. It went to overtime and he really should have saved the shots. Highlight on the game was the double midair steer of the puck into the goal by kontiola. I was relieved they got the goal in overtime. That goalie makes me nervous. Germans played well and the game was pretty even. Fin 3 - Ger 2 OT Second game against slovakia was nice to see. The team was acting very different on the ice with the finnish champion goalie (both goalies in the finnish league were the best two goalies i've seen in hockey) Raanta who during his 36 saved shots on goal was like a plate of adamantium in front of the goal. He made the team feel secure and he could do his job and the players theirs. Fin 2 - Svk 0 Third game againt France was a nightmare. The first goalie again in goal and finns started to play hockey like the french and not with their own tactics. training before the game was minimal and you could tell! all finn players tried to do the same thing, couldn't read eachothers games and one even had to save a puck at the goal like a goalie. It was very insecure and tbh french seemed to have the upper hand and played a good game and finns had very little attacks. again the aaltonen - pesonen - kontiola chain did most work and a lucky Fin 3 - Fra 1. Highlight of that game was second chain viitaluoma got his first goal of the tourn.

I think the USA game they have tomorrow will say more but if like against slovakia i think there's no problem. Maybe a small advantage with the USA - RUS game the day before. I think they got a chance like 2011 but that means Raanta has to be in goal and the chains will have to start to click properly. A bit of luck won't hurt. :p

Swiss seem lot more hungry than last year, defeating 3 huge hockey countries like a day at the office.. Norway could also surprise.. still.. i think the top 6 will be CAN, RUS, SWE, FIN, CZE, SUI.. USA and GER might eliminate/replace one of them.

idk about the order but i hope Finland will win. They have a bit similar team to who won 2011. Very many new players for the world championship tourn and just one NHL player.. atm. (minnesota wild? Granlund?).. :p
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Fin - USA game about to start soon. :D

beer, time off work and will be an exciting game. Let's see what finnish goalie is made of.

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