How work is done in Africa

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20 Mar 2012
South Africa
So many questions about Africa, just want to share a vid or two over time and feel the furstration or just laugh abit out loud
Sorry, I have tried to load video but I am a technology snail, will ask my wife later on. Here is something to chew on


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My wife is a teacher in computer technology, what is nice about a teacher........ they don't stop till you understand
Been to Africa a few times. Got talking to one guy and when he found out I lived in London he face brightened up. Reached into his pocket handed me this folded foil packet. At that point he said would you take this back with you and sell them at Hatton Garden and send me the money! There was a pile of uncut diamonds! I declined.

We had stayed in Mombasa, and were flying back to Nairobi, had tickets booked but when we got there the flight was over-booked. How do you resolve that? Passengers were asked what bribes they would give in order to get a seat (which had already been paid for). We had to get a taxi as our bribe wasn't enough! I have also heard from good sources that another way to sort the over booked issue was for people to race around the aircraft and win a seat! I wouldn't have won that one either!

What amazes me about Africa is how some of the countries that have had some horrific recent events is how they are building infrastructures without the upgrading that most European and US companies have to do. Many are investing in technologies that enable the country and people to work remotely (both within the country and also internationally).


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Yup. South Africa is a very beautiful country but since the take over in 1994 everything is going down the drain. You are talking about that church that went down? You have probably watched blasting of huge buildings on You Tube, go and watch that church going down....I agree, lots of multi stories buildings are build for housing and then due to the crime rate the people move out and that open space is used as storage space and the building has not been designed for that in the first place.
The problem in Africa is that many contractors tender for big contracts, then most of the money disapear before the building is finished and then a small contractor must finish the job with a much smaller budget
The goverment has buildt more than 1,2 million houses for the "people" and the most of them looks like this.....


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Re : Re: How work is done in Africa

Only bad thoughts for the cradle of humanity's continent.
Full of innocent people, with still ancestral behaviour and rituals : the less polluter people in the world.
We, occidental people, may think they are retarded but shouldn't we better think we are too much in advance !?
And we'd better give money to people to build their house on their own instead to their leaders !
They have magnificient villas in the South of France and surely in tropics too !
Poo world I enjoy !

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