how NRU play Bf4

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Great video sascha not my finest hour there but was great fun which matters the most
Seriously need to get some BF2 players on BF4 yes its different maybe a little more intense and some pc upgrades but it would be worth it guys n gals come on you know ya wanna
Lol Fapaelo is now officially one of my idols.... Panzerfaust noobing, stabbing noobs, roadkilling Andy with fukin jet, sniping with .44 Magnum etc. And always :tbag: for killcam LOL this was funny shit to watch. :D

(This does not change anything, i still blame laka for everything: If server is crashing, forum is down, outside is rainy or car needs maintenance. :rolleyes: )
Awesome video! The guys I play with on Fridays make videos as well watch this one about 1:30 into it & 7:15 .. making NRUproud and making people rage :) Meat Sweats - Episode 5: [video=youtube_share;ZD1-uaqtd7M][/video]

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