How Many Hours You Have On All Battlefield Games??

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NRU Heed
my son nico asked me today how many hours i have on all battlefield themes. honestly i had no clue but i think that is a interesting question so i searched my stats at all games and i was really surprised how many i hours gametime i have.

- 1343h BF2 lakaelo Captain Battlefield2 Stats
- 243h BF bad company 2 lakaelo1 - BFBC2 Stats
- 1160h BF3 lakaelo - BF3 Stats
- 1338h BF4 lakaelo - BF4 Player stats

holy shit, that are 4084h i played a battlefield game. over 170 days. lol

would be nice to see how many hours you have. :D
BF1942: I had very bad connection when i was living in backwoods middle of nowhere so i played single player more. Later i played online maybe couple hundred hours.

BF2: It was year 2011, i was waiting surgery and needed something to kill time. I found BF2 Complete Collection and bought it becouse i liked original BF i played earlier. Then i found NRU server and rest of the story you know. I played BF2 something like 1500 hours.

BF3: I started it quite late becouse i needed buy new computer and save money for it. I played something like 400 hours BF3 and then moved to BF4.

BF4: Over 2300 hours played. I mastered all assault rifles, carbines, PDW:s, LMG:s and shotguns + half of sidearms. Total of 91 weapons/gadgets over 500 kills. 100 kills with all weapons except Scout Elite and FY-JS and some variations of Mass26/GL/airburst. 10 874 enemy vehicles destroyed. Longest kill streak 39 kills in row. Then i got tenosynovitis to my keyboard hand causing pains. :rolleyes:
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BF2 = 2322 hours , 96 days of Laugh,yelling,rant and T_Bag ya Fannys ! Miss that time playing with you guys very amusing and unforgettable time ;)
BF3 = 257 hours , hmmm somethink change on game !!!
BF4 = 35 hours , loose the Spirit of da game ;(
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