how i can delete me here???

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want delete me through mr.x
he ban me for clay! give me a warning and 5sec later ban me! now, hate this server
1 or 2 admins play god the last weeks and never i have problems before! dont want play longer!
also, how can delete me from profil! and, please all ban me forever!!!!!

AW: Re: how i can delete me here???

sorry, but me and my friends dont want more! how can i delete me? we play on other server! thx
serious Cubic, how would you react after you died by several spawnpoint clays? I warned you and 30 sec later I die by the next spawnclay from you on the same point! You just got a round ban and could have joined back in the server 5 minutes later..... I am off now...
Lol i know that cubic guy, he does always same shit, putting clays to spawnpoints. Im sure nobody will miss his annoying selfish unsportsmanlike behavior. Like i said in chatbox SEK is my new personal hero. :D
please let him go play somewhere else :)
and tell him not to let the door hit him on the way out... on second thought shove that lolly up his ass and kick the door on him :)
AW: how i can delete me here???

lol its done we lee had delete and banned his account its done all done
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