holiday time

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NRU Heed
think some of us will go for a holiday soon.

so i, mrs. lakaelo and lakaelo-light and 2 lakaelo labbi´s lol will be off at saturday for 1 week to the baltic see and after that 2 weeks home and garden holiday.

this means more quality time with family and less time online and playing. :popcorn:
Isnt Hainan resort in map rotation enough holiday? ;) Have fun. :)
I am away from next monday for one week


thats what i do ^^

i am a tankwhore there! For once i am one with chainmeal and ironhelmet ;)
Have a great holiday. Whilst you are away, we will be in therapy trying to get that sexy man pose (smothered in sun-cream) image erased from our minds!
you stay safe mr lakael we cant make it without or heeds :p so get your balls back home safely after your holiday XD
Enjoy days off Laka ! Will be nice, Baltic Sea is fantastic. Be careful though with the Moment really dangerous...we often hear it here in the is not that far from where I live.
Many dead People already as there is heavy stream below the waves....really a bit shocking...never been like this before.
Have a gorgeous holiday, lakaelo, enjoy the fresh sea breeze and return home safe and sound.

Steffos, have an unforgettable larp adventure out there.
Please take care. :)
Have a good one m8... I mean I don't see why we let you have a holiday, its not like you actually do anything for the clan otherwise ;-)
No just kidding m8, have a well earned rest and we will try and not fuck it up while your away...
Lol first days Steffos is knight in shiny armor and after couple days of drinking his next character is shabby barbarian. ;)

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