Hi all NRU , i am back !!

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New Member
15 Mar 2012
Hi everybody

First of all i would like apologyse for being off so long.
I had many health problems during last year 2013.I hope this is the end, but not sure :(
Really happy to come back here.
I will return on the battlefield ground soon.... on BF4 now !!
Let me practice a bit on the solo campaign before enter in the ring of multi.

I saw many of you switch on BF4, it is cool.

And the last but not least, I wish you all an happy New Year , the best for you for 2014.

Well, i do not want talk longer about my health, but sure now it is better.

See u soon guys ;)

PS: sorry for my english.

Best regards.

Zefox, the frenchie ;)
Hi Zefox good to see you back ;)

Hope your better now and remain that way
Your gonna need some practice on BF4 it is a different game to BF3

From an English cock :p

Yes and Happy new year to you and your family
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welcome back and happy new year 2014 for you and your family ZefoX .....:) .
and if you still bf3 and you go again i'd you t-bag for your return lol ,:)
welcome back foxy. buy bf4. its worth it but at the moment our server is a little bit laggy. but i am sure our pc gods will fix the problem soon :)
welcome back fox it will be good to see u on the battlefield again
Hello ZeFox, welcome back!
On the threshold of the new year I would like to wish you all the very best :)

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