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26 Aug 2015
Name: LuKleo31 (Don't ask why, plz)
Age: 21
Nationality: Frenchy
Games: Bf4, Black Mesa, ArmA3
I play games on PC for a while, can't tell (8 years of service, according to Steam)
Randomly selected server. Read "noob" in server title. Told myself; This one is made for me!

I played one night with a few of you, laughed alot alone in my room... Felt good vibes!

Otherwise I wire electrical cabinets 7 hours a day -_-.

Bye bye guys, see you on the battlefield!

Love, from France
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Hello LuKleo, you are most heartily welcome to NRU. :)
Hi LuKleo31 welcome to our forum good to see you here
Seen you on our server the other day hope to see you soon on BF4 server again

We're all about fun and enjoying the game with friends here, we do take it serious sometimes :joker: when trying to shoot Lakaelo and Llamaontheloose :p n Tbagging the hell outta them
We do like C4 so be aware of your ass :???:

There all perv's here so be warned but the beautiful Manuela (Lady_muketeer_ger) keeps us in check :p
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damn another french frie XD dont we need some Scandinavians allready me and Heikkis too busy being vikings for the rest of ya :p

hehe XD nice to see ya here though Luk .-)

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