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New Member
27 Jul 2013
started playing bf2 again after an 10 month gap, im surprised the game is still going tbh
if the name sounds familiar i used to be in the =EAF= clan
just played on your server on maps that i didn't like before
but i had a good time, you all seem like a friendly, funny and weird bunch.

see you around :)
hi zone ... yes we are weird lol :)
see ya out there , rich.
Re : hello

hi ZONE ,
........yesterday i met with your weapon ,, : Alien:
revence with pleasure .....:)
Hi zone, nice you like NRU server and people. Have fun on servers and forum. :)

Here video of couple new guys finding servers/forum of NRU. :welsh:

being weird makes life more fun, whos got the cookies:) welcome to the fanny farm:)

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