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22 Feb 2015
Hi all, just registered on the site. I'm 50 yrs old and live in Nova Scotia, Canada. I primarily play Bf2 and am an Admin on Weekend Warriors Wake Island server.Never could get into BF3 or 4 I find them to be painfully irritating. Played lots of World of Tanks but recently have given it up as it just became such a "dead end" game for me. I have liked your servers no fly rule as I am a ground pounder at heart and have always found aircraft in BF2 OP as they get to fly around with completely unrealistic and inadequate ground to air assets to worry about. Every time I look at your server there is never anyone on. Is there a particular time of day (UK time) that the server is populated? Thanks, maybe see you in game:)
Hi Arros and welcome to the site Ive crossed a bullet or two with and against you on the WW server.
Our BF2 server has gone from having to wait to join, to being empty due to the Game Spy fiasco but we are still looking for a remedy.
Hi mate and welcome here, at the moment we try to set the Airport map on the No Fly, but have some issues with that.
I think with a new map and some BF2 members "comming" back, we maybe can bring the No Fly back up :)
Hi Arros ...

Welcome! We have a few things in common; we're both in Canada (you're from the pretty part that I'd like to be in), we're both in our 50's (you're a youngster by comparison though) and I also prefer the no fly or infantry only servers for the same reasons. I just reinstalled BF2 this past week and have one niggling issue to sort out so Punkbuster doesn't keep kicking me out of the NRU servers. Hoping the other issues are resolved so we can get playing again...like the good old days.

Looking forward to seeing you in game!
Odp: Hello from Canada

Hello my friend. Do you like to play BF2? I am very happy. BF2 is like a Mustang, a senior but a lot better. I hope that our server will start again. I miss a sec Leader, Lady Musketeer, scatcha, waexxer and for many other ... :( Now I have to play on other servers because ours is empty :( I still hope that our server will return to the days when you had to wait to connect because the server was full. I miss you guys and girls :(
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Odp: Hello from Canada

I tried this and no one has joined :( Sometimes sec leader and that's it ...
Can gather a team and we have to play :)
Hello Arros, I am very glad to hear that you still go in for BF2.
I would be quite happy to see you and all the other dyed-in-the-wool BF2 fans in game.

Please feel very welcome here. :)
Greetings mate.in Sweney from Maine. Your not far away from me. I play bf4 but have bf3 installed as well. Hope to see you on the Battlefield sometime

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