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24 Nov 2016
Hello all,
Here is some info about myself.
Living in Belgium (Flanders)
Husband, father of three daughters. ( Yes I know, it’s not easy, having 4 woman’s in the house…. )
50 years old and a Metal head. Up the Iron’s!

Use to be in a clan called “FIB” Friends in a Box. Had great times there.
Hosted and admin a BF2142 server there. They also had COD server but that was not a game of my first choice. The BF games are the ones I like to play most of all.

But then I started to play WOW for about 8 years. And for now I am full of it. Need to change the game. So BF was it. Went back to see how friends are doing at “FIB” but it’s quiet over there…. Web site has not been updated, etc..

Browsed several servers on BF4. Came on “NRU” server and I loved the gameplay. Ticket start 800, so the game would not last for ages. The players of “NRU” that I’ve seen on BF4 so far, are good, great and fair players.
So this is why I have joined “NRU”

What can I say more than “See You on the Battlefield!”
Welcome here mate, we are a bunch of old and lazy People. (Well most of us :D )
So with 50years you're not the oldest here.
Have fun and "Brothers of true metal proud and standing tall" ;-)
Hello Biffie, we are glad to give you a warm, hospitable welcome! :)

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