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NRU Member
10 Dec 2016
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Hello everyone, I'm here to introduce myself so as you can see I'm AndrejBosnaBVB, recently I found NRU server and it's one of the best yet, very nice maps also nice admins and players, they talk with players and they aren't arrogant as on some other servers.
Also in my free time, when I catch some beside the time I have to play games, I edit some videos and post them on youtube (youtube.com/andrejbosnabvb) if you want you can check that out too :3
I will play tonight or even before night on NRU just as usual, see ya there ^^
hello andrey, nice to see you here and thanks for liking our server. as glen ( llamaontheloose ) said, we also do not like other server with angry or arrogant admin and/or insulting players. we will have a nice and friendly server to have fun with other player and teammates.
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Hi Andrej, welcome in the "Nuthouse" :)
We are a multinational clan with members of all ages.
Have fun on our server.
And btw. from which country do you come?
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Hello and welcome, Andrej.
Nice to hear that u like our server. Lookin forward to play with u. But in the moment i am spending my time in the bf1 trying to leveling up in this totally different and buggy new game.
If you support bvb Dortmund 09, as i guess watching your name, i hope you won't get angry hearing that i support the fcb munich. :)
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hey andrej nice to meet ya fanny since your a stem guest on the NRU server im bound to tbag ya ass sooner or later, XD
till then welcome to the nuthouse ;-) and remember. we have bacon cookies XD ;-)
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@BruceWillii nah I wont have a problem with that, if you were a Schalke aka Scheiße 04 fan that could be a problem ahahah ;) :D
@FortunaMagica we'll see about the t-bag hehe ;) haha

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