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NRU Heed
i wish you all a nice and peacefull 2016. hope all your wishes comes true

also i lwould ike to thank all nru member, friends, visitors and player for the support to make this clan possible. i am still proud to be a part of this little adorable special and sometime chaotic little clan. we all going forward and our life is changing more and more, we going to be older, having women, kid and family. our priorities are changing, of course, to other things and sometimes you have just less playtime because there are other important things in life to do. but even if some of us just pop in every now and than its pleasant to see that everyone is still part of this little family and already gets a warm welcome.

there are always some remarkable moments like it was a past days ago as suddenly a lot of guys joining us in bf4 dragon valley map we had not seen for weeks or month . just a good feeling to play with some guys from all over the world on our server.

happy new year :tbag:
I'm sure there are "better" organised clans, with "better" websites, with "better" servers, but...

For me, being part of such a diverse group of people who are a wide range of ages from such a wide range of countries and with a wide range of interests apart from BF is important and part of the initial appeal of NRU and continues to be an important part of the group.

Of course everything just happens automatically! Oh, it doesn't! So, thanks to all the people who look after everything in the background despite having other jobs and lives to deal with.

I hope everyone has a great 2016. If it isn't so great then you know you will get support from the folks on here if you need it.

Happy New Year.
i am still proud to be a part of this little adorable special and sometime chaotic little clan.
So am I, Sascha.

Although the word “affection” may sound out of place in this context, I would like to bring it up all the same.
Yes, it’s affection for this clan and for its members from all over the world with their different backgrounds which makes me come back every single day.
It’s affection and caring for the well-being of others and not some kind of ‘bleak routine’ which entice me to visit our website daily, thus sharing not only general thoughts and feelings but also joys and sorrows with you.
... and please don't forget the laughter and the good-humoured banter which always, really always, make my day. :)

Here’s to you, dear NRU clan members, friends and regulars, who make this clan a virtual home for so many: Happy New Year!
happy belated tbaggin year to those i didnt get to say happy new year to on facebook XD

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