Hackers Evidences, i hope it makes u Cry :D

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15 Mar 2012
Bad Rappenau
Have a look with what for Weapons are the Guys be killed found at Metabans lol

aint gonna happen all there resources will be going on bf4 now, so know more bf3 support
There has never really been any support against this they have been in denial since the beginning. It has always been up to server admins to ban people but there are plenty of public servers with little or no admin coverage.
not surprised.

wonder what it'd be on cheat-o-meter ? 0.1 or 99.9%

And think that the gamecode makes it possible for these hacking assholes to do freely what they do. prob get unbanned too after they whine and squirm.
"oh noes i didn't do anything, he just mad i got skills and he died.. killed by radio beacon?.. yeah, so?"


just shows how dumb they are when caught on vid doing their silly shit. That way this vid is good. Cheating fuck prob got banned on a lot of servers worldwide now. lol.

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