Greek Rice Pillaw

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25 Apr 2017
seeing that you guys have an interest in Cooking i might take my chance and share one of the recepies i often use, with you guys.

Its just a Different way of makig rice, but its special flavoured and better than just cooking rice with water.

Alright you need:
-1 cups of Rice
-2 cups of water (or already 2 cups of chicken broth, that would make it much faster)
-some salt
-2 pots (and one with a potlid)
-a towel or some cloth that can cover the potlid

First measure one cup od rice and put the rice, then youre going to need the Chicken broth (i usually use an instant one), so you put 2 cups of water in a pot and start preparing the broth.
once it boils get the second pot and melt a spoon of butter inside.
once its completely molten, pour the brooth on it, add a pich of salt and let it boil for a short time.

Set it on a low heat, then start adding the rice slowly, stir it once and let it stay on the heat for 18 minutes with the potlid on.

after the said 18 minute put it awy from the Heat, cover the potlid in the towel/cloth put it on again and let it stay for another 10 minutes.

Aaaaand its finished, and ready to be served.

You can go the extra mile and melt another spoon of butter and pour it over the rice.

Pictures are comming on the weekend then i can cook again :)
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i apologize for any spelling or grammar mistakes
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That sounds like one to try. Thanks for sharing. I guess vegetable stock can be used?

Never worry about spelling or grammar on here. Life is far too short to be a dick about grammar in these forums. On a job application then yes, spelling grammar matters! :)

The only thing that really annoys me is when people say "LEGOs" in any language. That does get me all :mad:
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