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NRU Heed
this is a nother strange point i can´t understand.

why i can´t spawn in any vehicle ( specialy in a tank ) in 95% of any round start?? ok, you can say your game needs to long so other player already spawned into a vehicle. but i also run the game on a SSD so i would say it isnt loading such long.

seriously, i have 30 hours or so now and in all this time i saw maybe 5-6 times a tank to spawn into at the beginning of the round.

is it only me or you have the same issues??
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same here. i think there are people with even faster ssd drives or faster internet connection who grap the tanks earlier than us.
they should do it like in bf4, where u can get into vehicles not sooner than the round started....when the starting countdown has fallen to one second i started to hammer the left mouse button as fast as i can to get the vehicle i want at round start :)
Even during a round getting a vehicle is hard work and involves being lucky or waiting a long time. Even horses are in short supply.

Update doesn't seem to make much difference that I could see before I got a server disconnected message.
yes, and the balance is more than shit. played the map where they from 3 to 5 flags and the train beside...and it was really totaly shit. we got baseraped like shit and most of the highranks was on the oposite team. not to say the leader of there team was running a 31:1 round.
It's simply too easy to hack. Some days I switch servers a few times until i found one where at least the hackers are on my side and dont get my blood pressure up :D

today's patch did some good work, behemoths are a bit weaker I think and the skip function is at least not visible - you can still skip, especially useful if you see a medic running towards you, you can nicely wait until he's 2 meters away. then skip. because skipping is good for.. ah wait. for nothing.
Is this in BF1? Makes me sad to hear :cry:


i am a bit spitefull but i think this game is not such popular anymore. sadly EA already have our money. but i swear...for the last time. neveragain any preorder for me.

look at the stats.

Battlefield 1 Stats
Currently online players
PC: 74,978 (24h peak: 84,075)

XBOXONE: 83,579 (24h peak: 135,289)

PS4: 160,798 (24h peak: 203,066)

Total: 319,355

i had a look at this over the last days and its going down and down. :tbag:
All that hype and then... I must admit that after playing the beta I became hesitant (and cancelled my preorder), not being smug about it but I had feeling that we were in for another scam.

I guess many thought that after the BF4 disaster launch EA/Dice would be very, very careful and think about the BF franchise's reputation. It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall in the executive meeting rooms at EA...

Is this the end of BF as we know it i.e. a AAA game with a huge and faithful fan base?
I acknowledge that I'm not good at any of the BF games but in BF4 I can still have my moments when I can get a good round. I'd probably be better if went on a random server and didn't have laka distracting me from the objective. :) I'm happy that I'm more often getting a positive k:d now (except when distracted).

In BF1 you see people already at level 75. Then you get killed by them and realise why. They are across the map, shooting through fog and behind a rock. Then you empty a mag and they one shot kill you. If the progression is similar to BF4 then they must be really getting massive amounts of points. Yes, there are little multipliers at the end of the round but no double XP or the boosts we have in BF4. It certainly feels to me like there are a lot of players cheating to one extent or another yet you rarely see comments in chat about any yet I would expect to see some especially with some of the scores you see.

The auto aim controller seems stupid to have on a game that seems to strive for realism. A lot of the tweaks in BF3/4 were to get things working as you would expect them to. It may not be perfect in BF4 with jets and heli countermeasures readying before you can get a second rocket away but based on no experience a lot of it feels right when playing. BF1 just doesn't feel right and leads me to suspect the balance is more towards consoles and getting more players there. You could do with some transport vehicles other than the odd motorcycle too.

It would be nice to play on a server with people you know (and trust aren't cheating) to see how the game feels then. Some of you guys are BF game veterans and have the same issues as us lesser mortals. I still try the game but still feel disappointed. I play a BF4 round and feel as though I have had fun! BF1 I have played for 37 hours it needs to be changed to get me to 50 hours.
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true words and so equal with my experiences. how you said, this game just feels worng. i am searching about to explain what i don´t like at the game and that are the right words "the game feels wrong".

yesterday evening i had also experience while watching youtube videos. some of them where about the new BF1 patch who some guys talking about that and in the background some gameplay footage running. in that you can see them using a lot of guns but most of them have no recoil or a high bulletdrop. so you can use some gun to kill people over a high distance. just aim at a little red dot miles away, 2 or 3 fast shots one after one and you killed them. WTF should that be??? if i compare this to BF4 its waaaaaay harder to kill someone over such a distance. why is this such easy in BF1?? even more if you compare this to the reality in WW1 the guns where more crap as in time BF4 is playing at??
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Yes! the WW1 weapons were so inaccurate, bullet manufacturing had no "quality control" so even bullets from the same batch had different weighs and behaved differently. Shooting someone from over half the map should be next to impossible, unless you are very lucky. So realism in BF1 drops faster than field gun bullets :D

But lets not forget this happened in WW1 ;)
Dont forget what it was with bf4 after release
ok, every EA / Dice game is shit at the releasedate but BF1 is really the worst. never saw that so many features are missing. BF4 had bugs to the beginning but BF1 have the same bugs as BF4 had, PLUS all the missing stuff. lol

For me those are 2 different games.
only types of games are the same but other things are different.
first example: if you firing constant burst the weapon is more accurate.
second: bf4 has more content.
Bf1 no gun attachments only few wariations with one so soldier has only 4 guns, no 12 or more.
3rd: this is NOT WW1 :) like ea said only mixed.
But playing is quite fun

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