Geeez yur trainers ya fanny

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Friend of the NRU
15 Mar 2012
gods country "scotland"
some of us north of the border types have decided to enlighten you engladers and johnny foreingers on the finer points of the scottish dialect

this prob wont work in google translate lmao but its better than sounding english or german muhahahahahaha or dutch,french and a host of other silly little countrys lmao
Kevin Bridges is ace, like a less offensive version of Frankie Boyle.
Us Scots understand each other perfectly, i speak to Shoo and Jim on skype regularly and we have no dialect barriers.
Somethings however, do not work as well.
E l e v e n ! ! !
Kev Bridges is a ledge,seen him twice in last couple years doin stand up, I'd rate him a 15 certificate whereas Frankie B's defo rated 18.

@MingWurzel boy- bite me..each time I hear you talk its like listening to Eastenders spliced with a scrumpydrinking pig farmer and Jamesy sounds like Rab C just sayin just sayin
"silly little countries".. right.

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