Garden Time Lapse

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NRU Heed
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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
Just playing around with time lapse in the garden. In theory this should be 4k (Andy will need to confirm that unless anyone else has a 4k monitor or TV). Taken on a GoPro Hero 4 Silver using 4k resolution and at 0.5 second intervals. Though not particularly windy the 3m carbon fibre pole was still moving around a bit so I need to see if there is a way of stabilising it. Also, I was using a metal case for the camera which may have made it all top heavy. The rotating mechanism is an IKEA kitchen timer with a GoPro mount stuck to it and a tripod mount fitted to the base.

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When first moved in there wasn't the big hedge an the houses along the road were not there though originally they were only going to be single level houses and we had fantastic views across the Forth Valley. But the hedge and houses reduced that.

I hate gardening and Isobel likes it but isn't very good (her words not mine) at knowing how to choose and look after plants and flowers. Like the lawn, the weather has a big effect on the plants and when we get a lot of rain tends to kill them off.

We get quite a lot of small birds like finches and tits but we also get a lot of starlings which can be a pain as they come in large numbers like a raiding party. Across the road are waiting for their new Evoque to be delivered so aren't putting any food out for the birds to avoid getting their old one dirty or damaged so we are getting "their" birds too.

We have various feeding stations to try and give the smaller birds a chance and to attract a variety. We usually get:
  • Goldfinches
  • Green finches
  • Chaffinches
  • Wrens
  • Red poles
  • Siskins
  • Dunnocks
  • Sparrows
  • Jackdaws (the whole family turns up - about a dozen!)
  • Crows
  • Rooks
  • Ravens
  • Sparrowhawk
  • Blue tit
  • Great tit
  • Coal tit
  • Blackbird
  • Robin
Occasionally we get:
  • Yellowhammers
  • Bull finches
  • Long-tailed tit
  • Reed bunting
  • Thrushes
  • Woodpecker
  • An owl
We enjoy watching the birds and though it isn't nice seeing one get caught by the sparrowhawk seeing that in the garden still amazes us. :)
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for mine :
redbreast , (FR) rouge gorge
red tail , (FR) rouge queue
titmouse blue , (FR) mésange bleu
titmouse coal , (FR) mésange charbonnière
pinson des arbres ( fringilla coelebs )
goldfinch elegant , (FR) chardonneret élégant
moineau friquet (FR) ,( montanus tree sparrow )
turtledove , (FR) tourterelle
(FR) hirondelle ( hirundininae )
Does depend on what food you put out. We do seeds, and sunflower seeds plus some other bits. It did take awhile to attract some of the different birds.
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