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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
We often get sparrowhawks in the garden - we have feeders for the tits and finches but that in turn becomes a feeding station for the hawks! The sparrowhawk flies down the side of the house trying to surprise any birds on the feeder. At the weekend we were out in the garden and a hawk came around the corner and flew between the two of us so fast it was just a blur! Set a camera up on timelapse taking an image every 0.5 seconds but so far haven't captured anything. Also had another camera looking at one of the feeders which is where these pictures came from.


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We used to get a lot of those green finches but have only seen one so far this year. Nice pics!
Yes. GoPro Hero 3 Black set on 1 shot every 2 seconds. Just placed the camera and then put the suet ball near it. Trouble was the birds moved the ball after half an hour... May try again today.
This mornings setup and a few images. Camera just setup with time-lapse (1 image every 5 seconds) and then hope you get something. Had a few with birds flying but the sun (stupid sun had to make an appearance) :( was just causing too much flare. Hero3 camera is better than the 4 as the battery cover is on the back and you can fit these huge battery packs. If not using WiFi I can get about 10 hours of time-lapse out of it (about10,000 images). Green birds are siskins and the others goldfinches. Goldfinch close Goldfinches 1 Siskins Image
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Andy, trust me when I say you wouldn't want to see any of the birds around here naked! :eek:

This male sparrowhawk has been a regular visitor recently (except when I have a GoPro setup in his favourite perching places) and was trying to get a wood pigeon but wasn't having a lot of luck. Sat on the fence for quite awhile before flying off. Pentax x5 mk2 camera body and a Tamron 500mm mirror lens (about 30 years old!).

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Not a great picture but an incoming sparrowhawk. Now I know what his flight path is I can setup some AA Mines (whoops, I meant cameras) to maybe get something better. GoPro was set to take a picture every 0.5 second but this fella is so fast that was the only picture I got.

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