Game won't load up...any ideas!

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Friend of the NRU
15 Mar 2012
London, England
Hi Guys and gals,

Thanks for keeping me in clan even though been away for some time
Hope you have been keeping well.
I want to play but can't seem to load up the game.
Have repaired the game in origin...done all the updates but keep getting this message when I try to connect to a server.
Any ideas?


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    Screenshot 2015-01-04 07.49.47.jpg
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So hi Mari your picture will not expand to let me see what the message is but at the moment you could type that message into google to see what it says.
Do you have a new PC or changed it by any chance think I can make out the word correctly
A least this is a start
Notice at the bottom right corner there is a low disk space message just fading. Could be that there isn't enough free space for the swap file and that could stop BF running. It will depend on what disks are installed. If you just have one disk, run disk clean-up on it and also select the system files option as that will also get rid of files left from doing updates. If it hasn't been done for a while then you may free up quite a bit of space.
Nice you are back, it was always fun play BF3 with you. :)

I bet that solving of disk space problem should fix problem. Remember run defragment tool after making some free space. Game runs better if its files are "close each others" on harddrive, not little parts around harddrive. :p
Thx will try it...that disk pac is my back up. I delete it..but always come back fast!
My "friend" who is big friend of certain "forms of arts" says 1TB harddrives are nowadays quite cheap. :rolleyes:
You may have done these but just in case...

Try using Internet Explorer instead of Chrome. Seen some issues being raised with the Chrome plug-in

Run Windows update - BF may be expecting certain patches to be in place
Update graphics drivers -again drivers may be older than what BF expects
Hi Mari good to see you on here. Have u tried updating punkbuster? I know it should have in the repAir game
What is the error code on the message, the ss is too small to read it :p
freeing up space didnt work.
Its says:
bf4.exe application error

The application was unable to start correctly(0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application
Looks as though it could be a mix of say the 32bit game trying to use 64bit resources or vice versa.

Go into Origin and right click game and choose game details. Then click on game properties. You can then choose between X64 and x86 under the "When launching this game", try the other option! If you have x64 Windows installed then that should work but if you have x86 installed then x64 may not work.
You may try checking out this - "How to Fix (0xc000007b) Error easily for All Works on Windows 7/8/8.1":


Good luck Mari :)
Found this in a Forum


1.right click C: Drive in MY COMPUTER, click properties, tools, then Error checking, check now, u may need to restart windows for it to do the scan,

2. repair game with all usb sockets unplugged apart from kboard/mouse, i noticed when replairing bf4 my mic disabled so it was doing somthing with the drivers.

3rd thing i did was Download and replace the following DLL files, Some we actually missing, not sure why.

Go to []

put these files in the following folder:


AAAAAAAAAnd found a little Video for this little Problem


Let me know how u get on, this worked for me, good luck

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welcome back to the madhouse, mari.
lookin forward to play with u.

omg. what did i say? can imagine what most nrus imagine now :)

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