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i wish they would work half of that in bf4 lol

pffft fly helos and jets and think about the strength of stingers ! they have such a fast firerate their will always be a hit on you :D

and since flares only work in 50 percent of the cases :D ... i think that air vehicles are the loooosers of bf4 there is so many counterweapons against it^^
i agree steffos there way too over powered when facing jets and helis. i lost control and crashed an attack jet after 1 hit riddled me critical if u want to impress me use smaws instead of stingers f
I think it's just good thing whoring is more difficult and infs are not so helpless rape victims anymore. :p
yes but its not rape if any one can grab a stinger not uae skill or knowledge and simple aim at u knowing half the time your flairs wont work its enough to make ya crazy lol
so awsome to see air whores going down in flames XD
AA is weak and easy to destroy. Guy camps somewhere staring to sky, just go and C4 it. Or shoot couple shots with tank. AA:s are lots less pain in butt than airwhores and im happy if we get first BF-game where aircraft is not so overpowered raping machines. :)
so awsome to see air whores going down in flames XD

lol bf4 is a strange world now it is AA-whores not air-whores anymore :D

i don´t think so. there are some weapons or vehicle which are very strong or maybe overpowered but after all they are all easy to destroy. over all its well balanced because every "venom" have his "antivenom". only point is that player often are to stupid or lazy to see what they have to do or to change there kit. its stupid and funny to see if there are some skilled helipilots owning the hole map and you can see most of the player running around as medic and are moaning against the "heli noob" lool
they only need to change there kit and choose some antiair and the heli is fucked.

same is with tankwhores. only need to take a tank too or take sraw or c4. 2-3 guys on that way and it is balanced again.
Well said lak..

in fairness to battlefield it is really based on the rock paper scissors method...

But saying that with the speed and ceiling height of jets, sometimes the onyl real counter to a jet is another jet
Ill say the laser guided rockets on the attack jet in combination with the 30mm cannon can take out an aa very quickly if done the proper way. I love that attack jet

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