First attempt at hacking BF3 and BF4

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NRU Heed
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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
My first attempt at hacking BF3/BF4...

I've tried to find a way of disabling the BF3/BF4 console key without any luck at all. Web search didn't reveal a magic command that inactivates the key. I then thought of removing the key and making a replacement that wouldn't press using Sugru (great self-setting rubber that can be used to repair things or make things and comes in various colours). Trouble with that is that the key wouldn't come off despite the use of considerable force. So Plan C was envoked.... :)

This works!


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lol this consolekey is really a pain in the ass :D but i happened in bf3 more often than in bf4 to mw and !!! in the bf4 beta i think it was another key for the console which you wouldnt press whilest playing ;)
It is certainly not an elegant solution but so far it works! Not saved my butt yet though. For some it may be the B key in BF4 and that may depend on the language layout I suppose.
LoooL Glen! Is this app for free? :D Where did you download it?

Actually this shit happens to me in BF2 also :D Does it work in BF2 environment too?
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A significant test was performed today and I am pleased to confirm that the console was not invoked at any time. Some minor positional adjustments were made so the movement of the ESC key was not impaired. The conclusion of this provisional test was that it functions as desired. Removal of the device re-enabled the key to its full functionality.

For your information other results were:

1) a piece of cardboard of the same size was tested but proved to have insufficient structural rigidity.
2) A folded £20 note was too large and hindered the functions of other keys so was discarded as a potential solution. A €10 note was tested with the same result as the £20.
3) sliced carrot was initially satisfactory but gradually wilted
4) lettuce was not a viable material

The next phase of testing will involve the use of a black marker pen to change the colour of the SIM converter and make its operation more stealthily. This test will be used to detect any performance degradation or indeed if there are any performance gains.

At this point it has also not been detected by any of the anti-cheat programs and I have good reason to believe that this will not change going forward.

Further testing has indicated BF2, BF3, Microsoft Office Suite will benefit from this device.
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... lol never hit the console key by accident but i always press the scope button by accident whilst in a firefight which always ruins my aim and means i lose. only happens with my new mouse
I can sense a patent coming, best be quick tho!!
You're a genius! :D

Appropriate T-shirt for you Prof. Wilson:


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No need for the "closet" just geek will do! By the way it has made a big difference - no console appearance at all. Does seem stupid to put that command on a key so near to the usual action keys. It may be that convention says it should be there but that is no reason for why it shouldn't be changed.


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