few pics for u perverts xD


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15 Mar 2012
close to reindeers
What those tats mean to you? Just curious... :)

Btw, cool films, especially: Willow!

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Tom Cruise???? Who's he????????????

This is easy! Just some guy who is hated on no fly, dunno why. I have often seen messages "FUCK OFF, TOM CRUISE!"
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31 May 2013
Well....enough........Top Gun, Tom Cruise, "Great Balls Of Fire", " I feel the need....the need for speed" ! I do know all.....this said by an addicted aviator (on treatment and in rcovery from addiction) that has : 651:35:52 of flying time, 44846 kills, and 11587 deaths, 3986 road kills, 3.87 of ratio while on a jet, 6 combat air medals........how could i not know who he was????? Wich brings me to one question that i do need to make although this is not the proper thread to do it, but here it goes anyway......WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO HAVE A SPECIAL EVENING ON BF2 THAT IM ALLOWED TO BOMB THE CRAP OUT OF EVERY ONE???? MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ohhhhhh i need to place some (lots) of armor "whores" in place.....i need to be back on top of the food chain!!!!! :arg: