Far Cry 4

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NRU Member
17 Mar 2012
What do you think about the new FarCry 4 ?
I love this series.

Odp: Far Cry 4

Looks good, but will never be Battlefield ;)
i hope it's got some character and not just a reskin of FC 3

already found FC 2 and FC3 veeeery similiar and it was always the same to free the outposts in fc3 so would have been a brilliant game with a bit more story ;) and less boring gameplay thats always the same :D
AW: Far Cry 4

maybe fc2 was a bit boring,long distance to drive from mission to mission and sometimes you canot find the enemys lol,but fc3 was a awesome game good story with new features,hunting animals like sharks etc.
for me open world games are coooooooooooooooooool.

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