[Help] emblem change and ping goes wild


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8 Jun 2020
Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, France
Hello ladies (Cocka) and gentlecock
Since a few days I have noticed I have 2 problems that do not prevent me from playing but they are still problems

The first one is about the NRU emblem, about a week ago I did some BF1 round with @Lord-Cockaparte (then I ragequit because of a cheater in a horse ...)
In order to represent the clan I joined the NRU platoon from the BF1 menu and since then every time I join at the mid of the afternoon the BF4 server I have the old NRU logo (with the black square)

Screenshot taken today at 16:00 CET
Battlefield 4 Screenshot 2021.04.04 -

but when I play in the morning or in the evening I have the correct emblem (without the black square)

Screenshot taken today at 9:43 CET
Battlefield 4 Screenshot 2021.04.04 -

What I don't understand is that I have no other emblem (on the battlelog and on the companion)
Also it seems that I am the only one to see this emblem (Cocka only sees the good emblem)

This emblem appears even when I am not the driver of the vehicle, on this screenshot (28/03 at 22:30 CET) Cocka is the driver and I am the gunner

Here is what I have already done to try to solve these problems (this one and my second problem below) :
  • Leave the platoons and join it again.
  • Leave the platoons
  • Delete Origin cache files
  • Repair the game with Origin
  • Reinstall BF4


My second problem is my ping
During the day everything is fine I'm around 25 but in the evening it goes crazy (more than 150ms) , I doubt it's a problem coming from my home because I have a maximum of 2Gbit/s shared (1Gbits/s per device) I'm also in wifi 6 on the 5Ghz bands

Battlefield 4 Screenshot 2021.04.03 -
I also do not feel any latency on my side and it does not prevent me from playing normally
I don't know if it's a server problem because Squattie also told me that his ping was not normal for some time
My speedtest made just now

Finally yesterday after leaving NRU (around 23:00 CET) I tested my ping on different servers (1 French server and 4 German servers) and here are the results
French server : 25ms
German servers :
26 ms
no ping ( i had a " - ")

Do you have any idea what I could do for any of these problems?
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is this really a problem with the emblem? lol i wouldnt care that at all. but its still strange that its changing.

ohh...ping issues...can be everything. first, inhouse problems when your "service" is heavily used.
second, everything else lol. there are soooo many options what it could be. my ping is normaly around 14 on our server but i had over 70 in the past, when there was some "broadband issues" here in germany and they are working on some of broadband nodes here in germany and it looks like my connection was going over mars and moon instead the direct way.