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24 Nov 2016
Maybe a noob question, but where can I edit my signature?
Can't find it no more. :love:
greetings and thx.
Click on your picture and you will have the edit profile option. Select that and you will have four tabs. Choose Information and it should be at the bottom of the page. Hope that is what you meant. :)

Link may work too:

I can confirm that it isn't a noob question! :)

I think I have tried and been through all options and menus and cannot find anyway of editing it.

Maybe the other guys know what the secret to opening the door is?
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Uhhh one sec
--- Post updated ---
Okay not sure if an addon is messing it up will check when I get on a computer
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Hello Any update on this treat?
I asked this because my stats wont update anymore..
Sorry I have no internet at the moment (apart from 1 bar of 4g on my mobile) apparently it will be installed on the 6th but I'll try looking at work tomorrow :)

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