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I can see BF4 lasting for sometime as you can run it (with moderate settings) on a PC that is a few years old like mine with a modest graphics card. Even on medium settings you can get a good experience without it looking bad. A lot of PC progress has been made in graphics cards and storage over the last few years whereas CPUs haven't really got more powerful just more energy efficient.

Will be interesting to find what we can look forward to later in the year on Friday.
thats true. the step from bf2 player / bf2 pc´s was huuuge. but if you have a PC running with bf3 than its in running bf4 also in most cases. BF5 will be released to the end of the year and till that BF4 is already a good bargain. even more the DLC comes out for free now. BF4 is on sale now in origin. so BF4 premium is only 14,99 € now. :D
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on friday we will so wich way bf5 will go. honestly, i can´t see it will go into the WW1 theme. no clue how this should work. in the order of the story in bf4 which ended into the hangar 21 map with some "alien guns" and the spaceship i see more a futuristic story like going into the Battlefield 2142 theme. this is in my eyes the logical connection. but we will see.

i think its more possible to go with a Battlefield Bad Company 2 into the WW1 theme. there you have no big story and its easy to jump back in time to WW1.

so i am really excited what news they will release tomorrow.
I want to see WW2 again :(

Me too. If not, present time/near future would suffice. But if it turns out to be some sort of futuristic setting (i.e. similar to the trailer of the latest CoD regurgigation) I'm not sure I will be buying BF5.

Dice/EA seems to be very confident and cocky so let's just hope they get it "right".
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WW2 is always a nice theme but in my eyes same impossibly if you see the time line of BF in the past. i don´t know if they are going to such a chaotic evelution or more NO evelution if the jumping forward and backward in time.

with to much futuristic bullshit i am with you. i will not playing CoD or Titan Falls sequal calling BF5. if it would be in my responsibility i would it lean on at the present time. we are going to get some robotic weapons / soldiers that you can use and bring up some new features with not going to far and unrealistic.
Does working from home, Mr. lakaelo, involve contributing on here? :)

Though WW2 would be a change I would rather see BF5 (or whatever it is called) to build on BF4. My top things would be:

1. I'd like them to not make upgrading a PC necessary first of all! If it runs BF4 OK make BF5 also able to run.
2. Fit guns to the SUAV.
3. Have some smaller, single flag urban maps known as Non Running Urban
4. Have some better anti-aircraft/heli options (particularly for maps without AA where they can totally dominate a round).
5. Better anti-cheat measures. There are still too many players who appear to be pushing the boundaries of skill.
they fucked it up after all this updates. meanwhile all vehicles are to strong, unrealistic strong because the main community that brings Dice feedback are the vehicle player and they moaning, asking for changings to there own advantages.

latest patches make helis and tanks such strong that one player allone had nearly no chance to kill them and that is really annoying. just thinking about that they reduce the count of airmines from 2 down to 1 after last patch. that means than you can´t kill any airvehicle anymore with the airmines and thats just bullshit.
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Was playing on the server yesterday and there was a heli guy that was 72:2 and there were shots that seemed to be a little, er, lucky. I was in the lift and was killed though he claimed it was by the C4 near the door (why would he take that out when there were loads of other players running around daft). I tried AA mine, and stingers along with others but even with a couple of hits they hid behind a building and next thing we were dead. Of course vehicles are going to be stronger but that are now invincible if someone half decent is flying or driving them.
Was agreeing with you. :) Tried getting others to use stingers but nope. They were obviously stats padding - must have needed their k/d to be lowered, :)
Was agreeing with you. :) Tried getting others to use stingers but nope. They were obviously stats padding - must have needed their k/d to be lowered, :)

the joke or more the sickness in that situation is, that you find a lot of guys moaning "heli noob, cheater or get a life" but the still playing medic, sniper or waht else instead of going engineer with stingers and air mines to solve the problem. no, they are only moaning...helpfully lol most time its only necessary to annoy the airwhores with stingers one round so they have to stay in cover and next round they are gone.
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oww yeahh WWI XD this will be fing awesome! and best of all, no futuristic shit XD

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