Country Stats Of Our Bf4 Server

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In the country list it only shows 20. Is that the top 20 countries as I'm sure I have seen a lot more from countries not listed. Would be interesting to see what the stats would be based on server mode, would it show the same distribution.
oh yes, saw that also in server sonsole that there are way more countrys playing on our server. always intersting to see someone from china, iran or other from far east.

based on servermode it should be nearly the same because we are running vanilla maps. guess it would be only change if we had mord DLC / premium maps running.
You get some players moaning about pings but it isn't always someone from further away, it can be a from a European country. Sometimes think that people complain about lag when it is their own connection that is the problem.

It would be good for BF4 if they just included all the DLCs now or as a cheap all inclusive add-on at €10. They would get money and more players playing BF4. Oh, just thought they want us playing and buying BF (WAPOS) 1.

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