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15 Mar 2012
The Hague, The Netherlands
Hi All,

I thought I would make a thread about whats going on in the chat-box sometimes.
I have considered making it a "clan internal" thread but I think that clan friends such as Lady_Musketeer and others should be able to see our opinion about the matter and I think its alright to speak openly here.
If the thread digresses or becomes too sensitive I will move it to the clan section.

So on topic.

Last night there was another one of Heikkinens drunken chat-box sessions which was going well towards (sexual) harassment of our well like clan friend Lady_Musketeer.
She mentioned in the chatbox that she did not approve of these comments and asked Heikkinen to stop. After that there where no more comments from Heikkinen. Later Heikkinens comments where removed.
So that's a small summary of what happened and I'll get back on this in a bit.

First I want to address the Chat-box in general:

The Chat-box makes up a big part of out clans "Homepage" and as such can be considered a big part of the image we portray outward to our visitors and friend (as well as ourselves).
We don't want to create the image that this Chat-box is a free for all to just spam and fight in. Its an integral part of out clan communication and also an easy way for visitors to come in touch with us if they need or want. It is not a personal diary or vent hole to freely out your frustrations, for this we have the forums.

From now on therefore abuse of the Chat-box will no longer be tolerated.
Sure you can have fun and long conversations if this so happens but please keep in mind how it might look to all the others that read the chat-box too.

Abuse of the chat-box will result first in a warning, or if the situation calls for this a (temporary) ban from the chat-box or website.
After having received a warning, further abuse will be met with more severe consequences.
There isn't going to be a "Chat-box police"so please people use common sense.

Back to the current situation.

Heikkinen has apologized for his behavior (in another 20 chat-box posts lmao). He has suggested that a vote be held about his future in NRU.
@ Heikkinen: I want to take the time and stress that you are a well liked member of our clan, you are more then a little active and make a great contribution to our clan both on and off the battlefield. I don't see why we should now start such a vote as you suggested. What I do want you to do is take more considerations in your actions and conversations, especially on the Chat box. Your occasional outburst seem to be part of you, and they are not always a problem, however there also seems to be no brake which can cause situations you later regret.
Alcohol seems to play a major role in this and if you state that: "Alcoholism is not a disease but a hobby" you're clearly not in touch with reality and you might need more then just our help for this.
We can't tell what or when you can or can't drink but I think you should consider the bad effects it is already having on you and intervene before its out of your control.

With that being said I think the "new" Chat box rules are clear. If not please feel free to discuss them here (that goes for everyone).

If Lady_Musketeer accepts your apology I think we can let this case rest there and we expect this will not happen in the future again.
Loeft, thank you very much for the time and effort you put into this thread.
I am deeply grateful for that.

Heikkinen, I am sorry to say that but it was not the first time that you came up with such insinuating comments, but as I didn’t want to make a fuss, I always kept quiet.
This morning, however, I had to react, as you were stepping outside the bounds of acceptable behaviour.

I have received a message from you with your sincere apologies (I hope you have got mine as well) and all I can say is that I really believe you that you did not intend to offend me.

You said sorry and I highly appreciate that.

Please remember that I do not bear a grudge against you.

As far as I am concerned, everything is fine.
A real Lady if you ask me. Thanks for a shining light Lady and Loeft for concrete rules, rules are a good thing in life!
I think it is better to have written rules as you know what is what. Having no rules can be OK but you are never sure where the line is and when it gets crossed and it is also harder to point out or enforce a penalty.
I agree with Glenwilson - By having written rules we have something to refer to rather than it be one persons decision against another.
With remark to Glen in this topic and what he said in another topic (, I think rules can help to maintain order. Maybe a single rule-set can be made up that applies to everything NRU (website and server), for members, friends and visitors. Please note that I think (and even wish) that application of such rules is for a last resort, when other more subtle actions fail.
For example, we don't think of fanny and cocks as being impropriate as it is part of NRU culture, but any potentially offensive word is subject to personal opinion about a word (don't call me fanny, I'm a pussy lol).

I can make a proposal on this subject, just ask!
I'm not an advocate for rules for everything but in my experience (now showing my age) not having rules or rules that are so loose they are meaningless does mean that there are no boundaries. Ill defined rules or regulation means that they get bypassed or people find ways to interpret them. Tax laws and rules in sport are good examples of how people or teams will interpret rules in order to exploit them.

I think we all should know what is appropriate behaviour and should respect that others may misinterpret what is said differently from what was intended. That sounds a little politically correct but I think most should know what is right and wrong.
heikk you are who you make me laugh with your out bursts but come on....your a good guy with all the best intentions get a grip pal....all the best heikk jigabOO and ill drink to that!!
Odp: Chatbox abuse

Missing him to in forum. I always liked the morning to read his thoughts on the chatbox. I understand it a little bit because I have the same. When I drink too much, it in the morning I'm afraid to turn on facebook and other forums :) It's hard to control when you're drunk. I hope he will return soon :)
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Im now talked with Lady, Laka and Loeft about that. Lady answered with PM she believes im honestly sorry, she forgives me and everything is ok. Im feeling so relieved for that. :) I want apologize whole NRU for all shame/trouble im caused and thank you for your patience with me. It is not secret im had lots of stress and i drink often too much and im gained lots of problems with alcohol in last 10 years. Anyway i can not blame alcohol for my fuckups or use it as my "cover" but i hope you understand people dont have best judgement after 10 hours of drinking vodka. I promise i try behave better in future and i advertise my big cock and other abilities only on internet dating sites, not on NRU chat box. :rolleyes:

I can just imagine faces of red guys when they came visit forum while drinking coffee from NRU cups and saw all mess... ;) I take this seriously and try be better in future but lol this is NRU after all? :welsh:


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