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NRU Member
21 Jul 2014
Churchilllaan 69, Delft, Netherlands
Hey girls and guys,

Wanted to let you know that overtime things change at this part of the world as well. You all probably noticed that I play Battlefield only now and then. Lately I play CS:GO more. The main reason for that is also the banter we have on the gayspeak channel most of the time. For me it's doesn't really matter what game to play, as long I am able to have a good laugh as well. For me that leaves BF as a second choice. However, i will jump in when some cocks are on gayspeak!
Secondly i want to announce I have a new relation for a few months already. As you might know from own experience.. females need a lot of attention for which I do not mind to change my habits. Also this means I play less then usual as I do have some well spent time with the lady instead.
This is no goodbye by the way! See ya out on the fields!

Groeten from a sunny The Hague
good luck my friend (make sure your new woman isnt heik in drag we all know he fancys you:) love you long time 10$ you know what im saying . :)
^No its not me, im too busy with daughters of ROMMELZ. :welsh:

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