Central Scotland

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NRU Heed
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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
Just sorting out a few pics of around Scotland and thought I would share some. They were taken with a variety of cameras one or two were rubbish point and shoots which explains the variable quality.


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  • Brodie Castle.jpg
    Brodie Castle.jpg
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  • Linlithgow Loch.jpg
    Linlithgow Loch.jpg
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  • Scotland 1.jpg
    Scotland 1.jpg
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  • Forth Bridges Pano.jpg
    Forth Bridges Pano.jpg
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I like the last one....is it a combination of 2 pics or are These bridges really that Close to each other ? Is that Firth of Forth ?
Being English the first on really is what the women look like up here! The bridges was from about five or six photos I think and they are about half a mile apart on both sides (roughly).
Very nice. Like pic 5-7-8 the most. Scotland must be beautiful but the weather keeps me from going there :x Netherlands is bad but from what i've heard scotland is even worse hehe
Re : Central Scotland

I went to Scotland (Edinburgh) with my school when I was 14 (looong bus trip !). I have visited Bell's whiskies distillery and went to the Loch Ness : we didn't find any monster !
Scotland the brave wild country !
I don't hate whisky but beer is sooo much better. Not keen on the production beers up here though there are a few small brewers that are worth drinking. There is a new distillery being built near us so may see if there are any jobs there.

I made some decking in the garden about 10 years ago and we have used it about twice each year due to the weather. Need to see what happens with the vote but if it is a "yes" I would probably move home.
Re: Re : Central Scotland

I went to Scotland (Edinburgh) with my school when I was 14 (looong bus trip !). I have visited Bell's whiskies distillery

Ahhhhhhhh the fine art of educating a young boy.....when 14 lets have a school road trip to see the fine art of making.....WHISKY ! ! ! ! ! ! (or in this case, Scotch). Why, oh why didnt i had those kind of visits when i was young.....
Mr. Glen! i am still in love with your contry mate :-D

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