Cant connect via laptop

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NRU Member
25 Apr 2012
Peterborough, UK
OK this is one for all you tech guys !

I have a new laptop running windows 7 64 bit.

BF2 loads fine and goes through joining the NRU no fly server, then when it is loaded and I click "join game" ...... I get a message saying that the server only allows un modified content and I should revert to an un modified content.

Any ideas ???

Sounds to like your BF2 game is slightly different in some way shape or form, but im no expert in this area so ignore me :p
Have you updated BF2 to later version which is not compatible with NRU server ???? just a guess

Or is it because your running 64 Bit ????
Try compatiblity mode, run it in XP mode
Hi Watugi. :)

I remember somebody here got that same problem becouse he installed game, SF etc booster packs and patch somehow in wrong order. Solution was reinstalling of everything. First install BF(+SF+EF+AF or what you have), after them install 1.5 patch. Then update punkbuster. => It should work. If that don't help hopefully somebody of other cocks knows what to do. Samoz83 is MacGyver with BF/PB problems, hopefully he sees this thread soon.

Edit: Like mr Andy said try compatiblity mode in XP mode and run it as administrator. Try these first, then my advice. Then try running in XP mode and as administrator with new right way reinstalled version.

Edit 2: Now i remember, Bond had same kind of problem every time when map changes to Jalalabad.
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i had the same problem i just did a complete re instal had to removed all EA games folders after un instal then re instal BF2 SF then 1.5 patch and it works fine dude:)
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Thanks both of you.

I am downloading patch 1.41 and 1.5 again now - it will take all day cos my connection is SLOW.

Have tried XP compatability mode - no good :-(
that should do it watungi ... i had the same prob'

load it all back in order and dont try to start bf2 untill all patching is complete . :)
OK guys - need more help now.

Patches 1.41 and 1.5 both applied in correct order.

BUT ..... I can't remember my password for my Watugi account. Anyone know how I can retrieve or change it ?

What a coco .....!
Lak - I don't think so - I just click on the BF2 link and go straight into the game.

But problem solved cos I remembered my password :)

Thanks for all the help guys BF2 now running on my laptop and PC. Maxman252 is a happy boy cos he can T bag dad now LOL

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