Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare

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21 Sep 2013
Bordeaux, FR
After "Far Cry 4" by chriskrass,

What do you think about this game ?

So, I love goats and I'm trying the campaign game.
Videos are really impressive with very realistic details such as skin's characters.
The sounds are soft... because in 2050, buildings will be built with sounds absorber materials !
Requires 55 Gb free with, of course, a big set-up !
First mission :
To even utter the words COD in these hallowed halls is punishable by death.....
People have disappeared never to be seen again you know
You will surley be sent to the guillotine for this
Plus whats is this COD thingy a fishing game lol :p
Also COD is far cry from battlefield my friend Hihihihi :D
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last COD that i enjoyed was COD4 last that i played mw2 ;) i hate what they made out of it :D but some flaming kids might like the multiplayer

(but they know how to make campaigns even though its more like a played film... thats something bf3/4 havent got ^^ a good campaign)
Spliffy you are risking your membership with being COD traitor. :rolleyes:
AW: Re: Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare

a bit exaggerated but for me nice , i love futuristic games/movies.
but at the moment i am waiting for that spectacle:

im waiting for this :D overwatch by blizzard i think it just got announced:


it looks pretty cool and i never saw a bad blizzard game :D
Re : Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare

So it's not a team but a sect !
Are CS bad letters too !?
I didn't see something about and against CoD on NRU's rules !

But you must admit the graphics are very beautiful, never seen such this level in another game, going a bit over BF4 ! Let's see BFH !
The campaign solo mode is long and interesting but the MP mode is really much better on BF serie.
No future vehicles control but future weapons and devices so it's finally a different MP game.

- FC4 :
- Overwatch seems like a manga game and I'm not really keen on.
Re : Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare

... hmmm ... it should be another topic but :
I was very surprised to see CS GO at only 14€ on Steam Store.
I've tested it (for free) and was so disappointed !
It just still looks like the CS game I've played 10 years earlier !

Why no CS forum so if it's so great !?
Re : Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare

Sure, that's how I met you !
But many of ours are more seen on CS than on BF ... they have a TS channel at least !
Re : Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare

Yes, the future stuff are fun (auto-guided and wall-hacking nades !) in the campaign but would need another gamestyle in MP I don't want to experiment.

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