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NRU Heed
so EA said they working on a new battlefield theme in 2016.

not saying if it is bf5, BC3 or something else. but presumable it will be bf5.
in that case it will be interessting to think about in which direction it will go? with bf4 we get some new "futuristic" things ( gadget and weapons ) like the picup aliengun or the pic up drone.

so this means bf5 will go even more to a futuristic level? possibly a bit like BF2142?

or will they believe in the actual theme and stay at this level and "only" brings up some new gamemaschine with more destructable surroundings, new maps, new weapons and vehicles?
I'm guessing that they will be looking at where hardware will also be in about 18 months time too. CPUs will become more energy efficient as manufacturing drops a few manometers more though processing power will stay roughly the same. It may be possible to get more cores onto a single chip but as games tend not to be multithreaded that wouldn't make much difference.

As the chips in graphics cards also uses a smaller manufacturing process they will also become more heat efficient and smaller which could lead to more processing channels on a chip which would increase processing power. That could lead to graphics within games becoming even more detailed and see 4K becoming more normal.

The latest maps within BF4 show that there is still life in the current game engine. There is a lot of detail and variety in terrain and style of maps. The rail gun adds a bit of variety to the maps it is on and hasn't 'spoiled' other maps. There are also sufficient game modes to keep things different to. It is nice to get a different map and mode pop up on the server every now and then.

Call of Duty seems to be losing players because it gets sillier with each new version. What BF needs to do is attract those players, not by making BF similar to CoD but offering a great experience. At the same time, BF needs to offer existing players something that is an improvement on BF4. That should be something that can utilise newer hardware for a better experience. We already have Arctic, dessert, jungle, and urban maps so there isn't many new environments that haven't been covered. Going to the future is an option but you could end up with another TitanFall. They need to be careful not to piss off current BF players.

The only other hardware on the horizon is VR headsets. Oculus (virtual reality) and Microsoft (augmented reality) could be the direction games will go. But given the current prices of those hardware kits it will take a while for enough players to have hardware to make it worth while. Not only do you have to have the pricey headset but for Oculus you need a beast of a PC too.

Unless BF5 provides a significant jump I can see a lot of players sticking with BF4.

Just seen this. Fine but with my fecked knees I'm going 100% camping sniper!

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good point with the virtual reality thing. i pressume next games will need to have something like that.

i hope they will go a bit more back to basic and more to develop something uncompromising like the new map dragon valley. this map is so huge that old konsoles can´t handle it. so it runs only on pc and the newest generation consoles. also that EA not looking at COD anymore and running behind them to make a "new COD" with battlefield.

not sure what i want to see in bf5. sure i would like to see some current theme with actual weapons and maybe some futuristic like we just have. i think that is a good mix.

on the other hand it could also be very interesting to go back in time and make bf5 to a new WWII theme. this brings also a lot room for new ideas.

mainpoint for me is a more destrutable world. i could always cry if i see all this unused feature in bf4. all this huuuge facades at the skycrapers or high buildings. imagine you could use like in metro at A flag or saine crossing in bf3 where you runining around i that houses and can shot out the windows. you have some cover against heli/jet or armor and contemporaneous you can shoot out there at them. also the impacts from the vehicle bullets makes damage there and brings new holes in the house to shot in or out and so the fight goes up and down over several floors.
and all the debris are falling down and the team and the incoming enemies have to watch out not to crushed by them.

ahhh so many ideas. lol
I would expect that many of the PCs that could play BF3 at lower settings must be near end of life. However, it would be nice for current BF4 players to be able to play BF5 without too much of a hardware upgrade required. Maybe it should be a BF4.5 so it builds on what is there.

Hopefully, EA will have learned some lessons from Hardline and that people will not just shell out €100 on a very similar game to what they are already playing.

The idea of more destructible objects is a good one. Even in something like Zavod, in a high ticket round you gradually lose the trees and with it a lot of cover.

Maybe EA should employ us as advisers? I think they are listening as the last couple of maps show that and hopefully they will continue to listen.
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I just want a battlefield with less lock on weapons and less thermal site (especially for vehicles)
( i dont get why the SRAW makes almost the same amount of damage against helicopters then Stinger or Igla rockets)

They should go back to the roots a bit :D maybe less weapons and more differences between each of them ;)

then again if they dont come up with awesome ideas and it contains the same autospot gadget stuff then bf4 im most likely out and not feeding EA 100 euros :D
It will be interesting indeed and it's hard to to know where they are going. I hope they have abandoned the idea to challenge CoD i.e. a new version almost every year and with some features aimed at competing with CoD (Close quarters, I'm looking at you).

As BF4 was an almost ridiculous upgrade from BF3 and with a launch that was... below par I assume they have to deliver something special next time. I hope they choose WWII or present time with more destruction and better weapon balance. Something that would encourage squad work would be welcome too. And and a legit aimbot for players like me...
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THIS is what BF5 should be like (he says running to find cover). Only joking. :nailbiting:

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back to the future

next games will be played on hollowdecks
back to the past i say :-3 the most balanced game i ever saw in the battlefield genre was bf 1942 because air whores couldnt get an 86 - 1 KDR as strafing was the most effective way to take out ground personnel :-3 and best of all they didnt have a billion counter gadgets so you could actually shoot them Down if you knew how to operate the Bofors cannons
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