BF4 Naval Combat?

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NRU Heed
15 Mar 2012
London, UK
Re: AW: BF4 Naval Combat?

Yer I head that some time ago apparently a leak from EA China saying

Lasgana: Coming October 23rd, 2013
Lasgana: development just started, expected to be done in 1 yr [Nirolak's Note: Since this is the one likely to elicit the most "this is fake" notes, I feel I should elaborate. Given some later points (like already have an internal demo), this seems to refer to EA's normal two year development cycle of a one year pre-production cycle with ~30-40 people and then ballooning up to 150-300 people to make the game after most things are prototyped and planned out. Visceral, BioWare, and a fair number of publishers outside EA also operate this way since it allows you to have multiple projects without cyclical layoffs due to scaling down in pre-production and scaling up in production. For example, during the downtime between Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3, DICE's spare staff worked on making Medal of Honor's multiplayer and helping to build Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. As to what the bulk of DICE's staff worked on prior to this going into production, it's probably either a second project or, once again, other EA games.]
Lasgana: will be on pc, ps3, xbox360 and next gen consoles
Lasgana: will be one of the first games for next gen consoles
Lasgana: commander system comes back
Lasgana: profile can be linked with other devices like ipad
Lasgana: auto login, need internet all time, support cloud saves
Lasgana: easier to pickup the game, to take care of players from CoD
Lasgana: support body and voice control for this commander system
Lasgana: better battlelog integration and better stats reporting
Lasgana: supports video playback and sharing
Lasgana: have gem store for dlc and other stuff like that
Lasgana: 3 factions: russia, usa and china
Lasgana: can deploy female soliders
Lasgana: frostbite 2.0 engine
Lasgana: pc, ps4 and xbox 720 supports 64 player maps
Lasgana: 360 and ps3 will be less
Lasgana: pc, ps4 and 720 will provide 60 fps
Lasgana: already have a demo video internally within EA,
Lasgana: matching the quality of BF3 already
Lasgana: bf4 will use 80% of power of frostbite 2, wheras bf3 only 30-40%
Lasgana: modern background
Lasgana: i mean story background

Also apparently
has the Shanghai skyline in it which sort of holds true with the whole China as a faction.
"Needs internet all the time"
Oohhhh boy.... Simcity internet troubles at first week, anyone?
So we can t expect to see n00bs beaching Aircraft carriers ? ? ? Woop woop !
Re: AW: BF4 Naval Combat?

Rumors about Commander and improved squad system : )

i still think when they tested frostbite 2 they realised they couldnt get ping to work no commander,battlerecorder etc etc cocks,so maybe they have found a work around by bringing out bf4 unless its to rip us off again lmao :D
oh well exactly same here.. GTX285 won't do anymore :D
NewBattlefield4 NewBattlefield4 rumorssuggest rumorssuggest “BattlePacks”, “BattlePacks”, “dynamic battlefields” “dynamic battlefields”

2 2

According to another EA survey, Battlefield 4 will be getting "BattlePacks" and other features.


The latest round of Battlefield 4 rumors suggest brand new features in the game. According to an EA survey description of Battlefield 4 (a survey which has been taken down), the game will be featuring more weapons, vehicles, and classes compared to BF3. A few weeks ago, another Battlefield 4 survey hinted at BF3 map remakes for the new game, and even a Dino mode.

In addition, there will be something called “BattlePacks”, which are awarded to players as they play. BattlePacks include new weapons, accessories, player skins, and more. If true, we imagine EA will be selling these BattlePacks as DLC as well.

The survey also mentions more destructible environments and “dynamic battlefields”. An example describes how players can “destroy a dam and flood an entire area”, or “cut the power to a building for a surprise attack on the enemy”. Of course, these features could be part of the singleplayer campaign.

There’s also mention how the new Frostbite 3 game engine will make Battlefield 4 “the most detailed and realistic” game in the series.

Finally, the survey mentions Battlefield 4 naval warfare, which we have heard a lot about ever since the first teaser was revealed. According to the description, there will be jet skis, RHIB boats, amphibious vehicles, and more.

The EA survey has since been taken down —we’re trying to verify this information.
amphibious vehicles - lavs and the aad amtrack pos from wake

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