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NRU Heed
what is about the next bf4 fun night? suggest we should make some in near future.

so any suggestion about the date? same with playstyle? special modes or maps? maybe some rounds with friendly fire on or in hardcore mode?
Good idea! Deathmatch can be fun, FF on, date... a Friday night perhaps in June?
Gun master may be fun for a round or two. Can be fun and frustrating at the same time. Is it possible to modify the weapons in gun master? Why you ask? Was on a server yesterday and the first weapon was the ballistic shield! Yes you can get kills with shield! They also had the bow and defibrillator as weapons too. Trying to get a shield kill against a magnum was challenging.

As you can see, took me more than 15 minutes to get the two kills required but I did it. Easier than using the donkey leg thing. Lost count of the number of rage/frustration quits there were. The round finished just after I got the second kill!


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