BF4 classic mode

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15 Mar 2012
hi guys im not trying to sway you to another game but i wanted to let you know they just released a Classic mode for BF4 its like BF2 with no health regen no 3d spotting and i just played a round and it felt a lot like it did in BF2 i think some of you bf2 players might like the mode.i was on a map that has little bird choppers (Zavod) and the balance and fun was great
No regenerating health and only spawning to squad leader... Nobody have patience be good leader who trys survive and be spawnpoint, most of average players dont even understand give orders. I stay in normal BF4, that classic mode is just BF4 with bad sides of BF2. :p
Oh no I was squad leader and my squad stuck with me.It's nice to have a bit of tactic back into this game instead of get shot go hide n regen health.. repeat. I think the vehicles were easier to take out it was great. It felt like good old bf2

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I don't remember a bad side of bf2 hell I had 1400 hours of real game time and well over 900 hours messing about on the server with shoo mothy and who ever ride tried to help get it started... That was before the time of server bots
I'm with Sweney, tried to make it work on BF3 but no one ever played it :(
I'm with Sweney, tried to make it work on BF3 but no one ever played it :(

Why not give it a new try, we have a most of the time empty server and a lot of bf 2 players that might like a try on bf4 if it´s more like the old bf2.
Maybe even make it no fly or with only infantry suitable maps.
i like the fact that u can spawn on the whole squad. i think it is one of the best things they changed in bf. please dont change it.

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