BF3 funny pics ive taken over the past month

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NRU Member
15 Mar 2012
hi guys enjoy a few bf3 pics
Defib kill on Cqmaps

Morchen chilling in the wall after he died
this was from Nathys birthday server i beat JackFrags this round woop wooop to those who dont know jack look here


=NRU= FTW!!!
My EOd bot kills woop woop

i kiled an inf soldier with the eod bot too!

Helo whore ftw!

Hang in there

lol, saw that too the other nite lakaelo...but i was discreet enough not to take a SS and highlight it for all to see, mari is a lady after all
still don't know why my battle feed is hidden...nothing rude in it :(

Must have been your sexy nurse Avatar

and @lakaelo, yes you are as discreet as a C4 suprise on a tank
hi guys i unlocked the true primany dogtag tonight any one else got this one
i have just changed my dog tags to this sexy gold one above. first time ive changed since playing bf3
I have it Sweney, and wear it as well!!
Its not every weapon Laka, but a 100 killes with every main weapons class... So100 with shotgun, assault rifle, sniper, machine gun, PDW etc...

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