BF2 and pointed continues.

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Sorry, I hope you understand what I write, if necessary, the German recompile a yes.

I think it's still a shame that we close the BF2 server. After all, he was the reason we found ourselves here and it is therefore also part of our history. Without him, we would not exist here.
Call me sentimental, but if we turn it off, just a part of our identity is gone.
Everyone knows that the BF2 community was the strongest times. But now it is broken and I can not find more. Sure, we write them here, but the cohesion is not as strong.
We should make time for BF2, because of me every 2 weeks to a day and time to do so. Then all know bescheit and time to react. The Nemmt but also in the address on, but something has to go.

You can not always play Battelfield that I know, but many of the former players would rather play other games. Counter Strike, because every night are 8-12 people inside. They also make most of our people out in TS3. If something others have lost there and that's really rare and ask them can hardly give anyone information. Unfortunately, I only not right.

Why can not we get together again and again try to come to a common denominator, so that we become what we were A Battlefield clan.

We have so many people and when I look at us in, I see 3 servers, one of which is still set. Other clans have fewer people and still have multiple servers. How can we solve this, I do not know yet, but it can not be that rather play half the players still active somewhere else, because nothing is going on with us. Our 2 BF3 Server was once fashionable genuine, it still enough to play this game.

Only once an example, the rules server on BF4 are always empty, but from 19.00 clock bis 3.00 clock they are full, as you wait some cases to 20 in the queue.

We need advertising and must also advertise on other servers, sometimes chatting or so. Something always has to go. We would all assemble times, sometimes in emergency TS3, as a member meetings or so that could make other clans also.

All of us are here because we have put together a Hoppy. Because we like to play together and not alone at home. Everyone should make compromises, as in life, at work or in the family. The latter I can see us, we are a big family Battelfield, but why put only a few committed, rather than all. Do not get me wrong now, many can not every day that we know everyone has a real life, but you can at least try once.

And look, I can not speak English or only a few words, but I'm trying not to lose the connection. 4 people are regularly chatting with me and another 4 people I try at dens with playing incorporate, go to their servers where they are. This too is team play that one time comrades joins the play.


Deutsch falls was nicht verständlich ist, kann das mal einer näher bringen...
Ich finde es trotzdem schade, das wir den BF2 Server schließen. Immerhin war er der Grund, das wir uns hier gefunden haben und er ist dadurch auch Teil unserer Geschichte. Ohne ihn gäbe es uns hier nicht.
Nennt mich sentimental, aber wenn wir ihn abschalten, geht eben auch ein Teil von unserer Identität dahin.
Jeder weiß das die BF2 Community mal die stärkste war. Doch nun ist sie zerbrochen und ich finde hier keine mehr. Klar schreiben wir uns hier , aber der Zusammenhalt ist nicht mehr so stark.

Man kann nicht immer Battelfield spielen, dass weis ich, aber viele von den ehemaligen Spielern spielen doch lieber andere Spiele. Counterstrike, da sind jeden Abend 8-12 Leute drinnen. Sie machen auch unsere meisten Leute in TS3 aus. Wenn mal andere sich dorthin verirren und das ist wirklich selten und fragen haben, kann ihnen kaum noch jemand Auskunft geben. Leider ich erst Recht nicht.

Wieso können wir nicht wieder zusammenfinden und versuchen wieder auf einen Nenner zu kommen, damit wir wieder das werden, was wir waren, ein Battlefield-Clan.

Wir sind so viele Leute und wenn ich dann bei uns rein schaue, sehe ich 3 Server, wovon einer noch eingestellt wird. Andere Clans haben weniger Leute und verfügen trotzdem über mehrere Server. Wie wir das lösen können, weis ich auch noch nicht, aber es kann doch nicht sein, das die Hälfte der noch aktiven Spieler lieber woanders spielen, weil bei uns nichts los ist. Unser 2 BF3 Server war auch mal echt angesagt, es spielen ja noch genug, dieses Spiel.

Nur mal ein Beispiel, die Rules-Server auf BF4 sind auch immer leer, aber ab 19.00 Uhr bis 3.00 Uhr sind sie voll, da wartet man Teilweise auf 20 in der Warteschlange.

Wir brauchen Werbung und müssen auch auf anderen Servern Werbung machen, mal im Chat oder so. Irgendetwas muss immer gehen. Wir müssten uns alle mal zusammensetzen, Notfalls auch mal in TS3, als Membertreffen oder so, das machen andere Clans auch.

Alle von uns sind hier, weil wir zusammen ein Hoppy haben. Weil wir gerne zusammenspielen und nicht alleine zu Hause. Jeder sollte Kompromisse eingehen, so wie im Leben, auf Arbeit oder in der Familie. Letzteres sehe ich auch bei uns, wir sind eine große Battelfield-Familie, aber warum setzen sich nur ein paar wenige dafür ein, anstatt alle. Versteht mich jetzt nicht falsch, viele können nicht täglich, das wissen wir, jeder hat auch ein reales Leben, aber man kann es zu mindestens mal versuchen.

Und schaut, ich kann kein Englisch oder nur ein paar Brocken, aber ich gebe mir Mühe den Anschluss nicht zu verlieren. 4 Leute sind regelmäßig bei mir im Chat und weitere 4 Leute versuche ich zumindens beim Spielen mit einzubeziehen, gehe auf ihre Server, wo sie eben sind. Auch das ist Teamplay, das man sich mal Kameraden anschließt beim spielen.
Translation doesnt allways reflect the emotion of the original wording but I can understand where Jaeger is coming from. I too am devastated over the recent news of events. I fell in love with BF2 from the very first time I played it. Never really liked BF3 ( as 16h 9m in four years shows ). BF4 18h so far and much better than 3, but overall, I know Im old, set in my ways and dont like too much change still feel BF3+BF4 dont come even close to playing BF2. My head tells me that the decision to stop the No Fly is the right decision but my heart tells me differently, like losing an old and loved friend.
As long as there is at least one server out there playing BF2 I'll be there. A very sad moment in time.
Thank you very much, Jaeger.

Is there still hope to keep the BF2 No Fly server alive?

I don’t want to question the decisions stated in the thread “Some changes will come”.
From an objective (and financial) point of view I can really understand them.

And yet... our BF2 No Fly Server can not be described in purely objective terms. There is so much emotion involved, so many memories, so many friendships.
This is where we all started from.
This is the place where we all met for the first time.
This is where our roots are.
One of the major function of roots is to anchor the plant to the ground and to support it.

Strong, deep roots are very hard to be eradicated.

“All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.”

(J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring)

True, “the old that is strong does not wither” – either in reality (when we are able to keep the server alive) or – if the server is to be closed down for good - in our thoughts and hearts as a treasured memory.
True that the translation isn't great and it would be easy to pick at it. However, one thing that does come across is the passion, and how deep that passion is. Personally, I liked playing BF2 but on my own. The times I did try and play online it was usually 10 minutes of spawn, die, spawn, die, you get the picture. BF3 was far more enjoyable for me as I soon found that some servers are better than others, some servers had higher standards and NRU was one of them. I found a group of people that wanted a fair game and one that wouldn't tolerate abuse and cheating. My skill hasn't improved but I now enjoy playing.

Advertising on other servers will soon have you banned. Playing fair and behaving in a dignified manner will help promote us in positive ways and even when "randoms" appear on the servers the impression they get will usually be a positive one. Some of those are coming back on a regular basis.

The decision about the BF2 server doesn't affect me as I have tried playing BF2 but didn't enjoy it. However, if there are members who still want it to exist I wouldn't argue against it just because I wouldn't play on it. I don't have a miracle solution or a bottomless wallet to help but if there is a demand for it to continue then I would certainly support that if at all possible. I understand the economic realities but I can appreciate the passion people have for their game playing roots.
True there was a lot of raping and bombing in BF2 and a lot of shit server, but there was also one thing in BF2/NoFly, I never found in another BF or shooter.... all who where on the NoFly can remeber the spirit , for example on Sharqi or Karkand, when server was full and both Teams fought til the end to get the win....Rounds where 40-50 players fought for one flag....rounds that ended 1:0.....epic rounds with great Teamwork and that special spirit what gave everyone a good feeling... and not to forget all the funny banter....All thats what's missed now....
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