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15 Mar 2012
just wondered how many will by this not sure I will like it. would rather have seen bbc3.
It was matter of principle things to me i dont buy full price of "new game" only for BF4 GTA-mode ripoff. :p I maybe buy it if its cheaper some day and others here buys it too and i can play it together with all belowed NRU-cocks. <3
Thought the beta gave a reasonable taste of the game though obviously incomplete. Whilst it was fun for a few rounds I'm not sure how much I would play it. At the time and for the price they wanted it was a definite no. If it was an awful lot cheaper (£5 :) ) then it would become a maybe. I think I have enough time invested IN "normal" BF's to not bother with it.

If it had been priced on the same sort of level as PvZGW which is something you can dip into every now and then I may have been a bit more interested.
Agree with you don't think will do to well
There will come a second beta :D ill try that and then well know

They did a loooot of stuff till then :D and i want to give it a chance at least before i flame a game ( the old beta) that will never exist that way :D

Early beta with so much access was most dumb idea EA ever had :D

Edit: -oh and i will never preorder EA games any more :D have learned something from Brokenfield 4

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