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29 Aug 2016
Im wondering if you my friends have the same point of view as me about that battlelog would be better option for bf1 than in game "center".
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I think "new" doesnt mean better.
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i think u are right. battlelog had its issues at the start, but in the end it did its job.

what worries me even more is that i've heard that they plan to cancel battlelog to only have the new menu for all origin bf titles....
u know, the console players will take over the game scene.

they have to do a lot more to make me like bf1 more than bf4, it's like that quote says from bf-forum:

"That's what I'm talking about. BF4 feels like your favourite, cozy pub. You go in, greet the bartender as an old friend, then you pick the one drink out of the generously wide range that you crave after at the very moment. BF1 feels like a shiny, modern-looking bar (with fake, shiny WW1-era furnitures) which only offers one type of beer, whiskey and vodka. And quite overpriced ones."
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totally agree with your opinions. battellog is working well atm and the new "app" is more than confusing because you don´t know where you can setup things. its the same as the game. it looks like their development was done on different locations and at the end they said "now its ready, lets put it together and see if its works" but no one knows what features are in now and if its working lol can hear the talking: "ohh, i think you had done that"...."oh, and i thought that you had done it"..."ok, we will see if somebody care of it " lool bollocks
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Good points.
BLog everything in 1 place literally.
No need to start the game.

P.S. a while ago I compared bf4 with black ops3 (a way way before release new one). I have bo3 on steam and realized that bf4 smashing bo3 in every aspect of the game + even on single player LOL
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